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K:13 Performing arts/company 13 

10 years 

K:13-Scenekunst (formerly Kompani 13) is celebrating its 10th anniversary as an independent performing arts ensemble in Bergen in autumn 2023, and in connection with this had a celebration where we both celebrated ourselves and our partners, and not least we marked our presence as a prominent stage company in Bergen. We want to be important to the performing arts in Bergen, and at the same time keep an open door to a general public - with both art and knowledge dissemination.


our story

K:13 explores both figurative theater and visual theatre. For the past 6 years, K:13 Scenekunst has focused its work on interactivity and different methods within this segment. We have been involved in 4 international projects where different methods have been tried out. We in K:13 have developed our own method, and we also hold workshops about our experiences in working both with this new method, but also the different approaches that underlie this, and generally about our experiences within the interactive and participatory segment ( and co-creative) theatre

supported by 

Greetings from our partners

Kaunas National Drama Theater - Lithuania

Káva Kulturális Műhely - Hungary

Bird & Bat - Iceland

State Puppet Theater Sliven - Bulgaria

Sanita Duka/ In Deja-maja - Latvia

10 years of performances

  • Svev (2013) – Climate and protection of nature and the uniqueness of the planet

  • The Potato Parade (2014) – Human rights and democracy in practice

  • Treet (2016) – Natural diversity and sustainable conservation

  • The magical forest (2017) - Natural diversity and sustainable conservation

  • Peer Gynt (2017) - Global migration and the refugee situation 

  • Peer Gynt - God's Choice (2018) - Morality and personal responsibility in a global perspective

  • Can you whistle, Johanna (2020) - Social conditions that shape communication between generations

  • Romeo & Julie – (2018) War and conflict vs communication and democracy

  • Tørrfisk og Tresko (2022) – Historical conception of Bergen as a fishing centre

  • Generations (2022) – What is it to be young – hopes and fears for the future – seen from 2 generations

  • Kjærst på en stol (2022) - Prussia's love lyrics presented via Den Kulturelle Spaserstokken

  • Tower of Babel (2022) – An apocalyptic fable about the consequences of the climate crisis

  • Art activism - take part take care! (2022) – Democracy development in a changing Europe.

  • Arr - Silent Songs - The stories of inmates in Norwegian, Irish and Malawian prisons 

  • Dramatic wine tastings (2018 – 2023) – Shakespeare, Ibsen – theatre, music and wine. 

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