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We believe that if people area ble to choose and make decisions in their fantasy or in an imaginary world, they are going to be able to do so in real life as well.


Background of the project:
In collaboration with the Hungarian theatre company Káva Kulturális Mühely, K:13 has invited four companies from Nordic-Baltic countries to establish a new network with the aim to explore interactivity in children`s theatre, using the method «theatre of the participant»


Káva Kulturális Mühely has yearlong experience with this method and has previously cooperated with Kompani 13 in making performances for children built on Henrik Ibsens "Peer Gynt". This cooperation was funded by EEA-Grants. Kompani 13 made the performance «Peer Gynt – God`s choice», and Káva made a performance for youth just called Peer Gynt. This collaboration was called «Trip around the onionskin», and the companies have met several times during the production time period. The companies had a Peer Gynt symposium in Budapest in April 2017, where both performances where played and with discussions about the performances afterwards. This collaboration was very good, and it led to new knowledge for K:13 in the regard of theatre for young people. With the long experience from the Káva theatre K:13 would like to continue to explore this method, and involve other theatre partners in this work. We would also like to inspire Káva to explore their theatrical parts of their performances.

About the method: 

The method «theatre of the participant» is based on the British "Theatre in Education" (TiE). This method uses a performance technique based on the involvement of the audience, that at times may blur the boundaries between actor and audience. In this way, we make sure that the participant (audience) area has an impact on the events on stage as well as engaging the participants and encouraging them to gain their own opinions and ownership to the problems presented. We believe that if people are able to make choices and decisions in a fantasy or in an imaginary world, they will be enabled to do so in real life as well.


Through performances addressing important cultural and political matters, the method makes it possible for the audience, through dialogue, to take action and think collectively to get to know themselves and their environment better – to not use the world in static immobility, but as a process.

It is an important part of this work to have a pedagogic mindset, as well as trying to avoid didactic questions and schematic, cliché answers.


Káva Kulturális Mühely has been using this method for more than 20 years, and are deeply involved in constant innovation and to involve further artistic and scientific fields in their work (for instance: music, fine arts, dance, puppetry, sociology, cultural anthropology)

Visions and aims: 

We believe the method that Káva Kulturális Mühely represents can be useful in other European countries for children and youth as well as for pedagogues, community developers and theatre professionals. When we use interactivity and participation as a focal point in our work method, professional opportunities are developed and we are able to reach the audience in new ways. 
"Theatre of the participant" is a rather rarely explored method in Scandinavia and Baltic countries. Therefore we want to establish a network that focuses on this method. In the countries involved in "Participate in Your Life", there is an openness and curiosity to art and pedagogical work for children / youngsters, and to the interactive performance methods. 

With this network, we hope to build an ongoing connection between the north and the central area of Europe. We will have a chance to show and share our culture and artistic approach and we can exchange knowledge and experience. In this way we can explore the approach to a younger generation through art, creativity, emotions and taking action through participation. 

We would like to focus on the priority of contemporary theatre to encourage children/ youngsters to better understand themselves and their environment, to enable them to take action and become active citizens. 


Five theatre companies are cooperating in the network with the aim of exploring interactivity in children`s theatre, using the method "theatre of the participant". In the period of 2018-2021 we will meet to discuss and explore the method together and on this ground establish the network. During this period we still have one meeting in Lithuania and one workshop in Hungary. The work will be documented on an open website. 

The Network will: 

  • Strengthen the cooperation and the connections between Nordic and Baltic countries, and the East-European region. 

  • Strengthen the Nordic-Baltic affinity in cultural life in the Nordic region and Baltic states 

  • Improve the mutual understanding of similarities and differences in the given countries, to increase knowledge of the Nordic and Baltic artists and their work

  • Explore the method "theatre of the participant" from different angles and cultures

When this project is completed, we will apply for fundings for a long term collaboration where we seek to develop a joint performance or a series of performances. We will also look at the opportunity of expanding and inviting other nationalities into the network in the future. 

Financially supported by: Nordisk Kulturkontakt, Norwegian Arts Council, Bergen kommune

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