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K:13 focuses on using theatre and art to promote social and political issues and create dialogue with the audience.


K:13 is a Norwegian theatre ensemble consisting of the experienced artists Steinar Thorsen and Jorunn Lullau, both with over 25 years of experience in art and theatre. K:13 explores both puppet theatre and visual theatre combined with philosophical and political conditions. K:13 is passionate about discussing these issues in performances for children and young people, with an emphasis on interactivity in both the process of creation and within the actual performances.  


The company firmly believes that theatre should be a reflection of society, and artists have a responsibility to use theatre to reflect life.


K:13 was founded in 2013 and has produced 8 performances thus far.


In recent years, the company has done a lot of research in interactive theatre. They believe this can give innovative expressions, greater closeness to the audience, and give the audience greater ownership of the art experience, and the theme.


K:13 has a lot of experience with international projects and collaborations. They have developed several performances in collaboration with international partners. In addition, they have experience from creating workshops, symposia and themed meetings - and even big conferences where they contribute both administratively and artistically.


K:13 also collaborates with the production company Syv Mil AS ( Seven Miles), which is a professional partner with broad experience from international work.


In addition to being actors, both Steinar Thorsen and Jorunn Lullau are experienced directors, educators and moderators, and have experience and good knowledge in dramaturgical work, and also in script writing.

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