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GENERATIONS is inspired by the interactive concept "Community Theater", where people who are not professional actors perform their own true stories on stage in a professional setting. We meet young people aged 16 - 21 years in collaboration with seniors from 69 - 83 years on stage, and they will explore these exciting questions through their own private stories. 

K: 13 - Performing Arts and Vestlandske Teatersenter want to examine young people's relationship to their lives and their future - before and now. Is it different to be on the verge of adulthood in 2022 than it was in 1958? Are our ways of communicating the same as 60 years ago, or has the modern world changed us? For the world is changing. The development is going at a furious pace and society has changed in most areas since today's elderly were young. Has time changed us? Has the way society is organized changed the way we meet and talk together? The digital is a thing that has become part of our everyday life - and a central part of how we communicate with each other. For those who are growing up today, the digital development is natural. For the elderly in society, it can be more difficult to relate to these new forms of communication. It's a new way of being human. But there is so much more. Today's young people have weekdays that are more filled with tasks and demands than they were 60 years ago, the meeting places are different and the things we are concerned with may no longer be the same .... or are they? 

IN GENERATIONS, young and old meet for a common communication.


The GENERATIONS project had two phases. First a kind of theater school - where we collect stories and material from the actors, as well as schooling in simple dramatic techniques and storytelling. The second part was rehearsal time and rehearsal / performance of the stage performance. Steinar Thorsen and Jorunn Lullau were responsible for teaching, directing and facilitation.

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produced in collaboration with:

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Produced  by:                   K:13 / VT

Ide:                                    Steinar Thorsen

Regi og manuscript:         Steinar Thorsen og Jorunn Lullau

Kostume:                           Kristin Saltkjelvik / Jorunn Lullau

PR:                                      Vivian Midtsveen / VT

Participants Generations:

Students from Teater Ung - Vestlandske Teatersenter

Melisa Kruger-Demirtas

Mari Andrea Schei

Sondre Marsteen

Veronica Carlsen Stanghelle

Lucas Rosenstock

Marius Teig-Hermanrud

Teodor Hansteen Valen

Johanne Margrete Tufto

Hanna Hollund Digranes

Tara Myrback



Inger-Margrethe Winther

Ann Mari Ramsøy

Ruth-Kari Sagberg Gulbrandsen

Sverre Trætteberg

we are supported by:

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