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10 year ANNIVERSARY !!!! K:13 Performing arts celebrates itself!!!

Do you want to join?
You are most welcome!!!!!

Anniversary party Saturday 18 November at 18.00

ANNIVERSARY PARTY with various elements!!!

We offer a great jubilee show with theatre, music, anecdotes and joy, and - and then there is dancing and "halloi" until the bar in the Cornerteateret closes at 02.00.

-register (the event is FREE)

Workshop in Interactive theatre

3 day workshop in interactivity in theater - with K:13's Jorunn Lullau and Steinar Thorsen.

Come and join us for a creative weekend where we will use ourselves and each other, and through each other's resources find a playful space to create performing arts!

K:13 Scenekunst, has in almost 10 productions, dived into interactive theatre, especially through the international network Participate In Your Life. In connection with our 10th anniversary, we want to give a workshop to more performing arts actors, where the spotlight is on different methods of interactivity and participation.

We want actors with some stage experience to be able to take part in the course. It can be actors, directors, choreographers, scenographers, musicians and theater and drama teachers, among others.

Romeo and Juliet

Finally we play an open show in Bergen!!!!

A warm welcome.


Romeo and Juliet by K:13 is a performance that engages the audience with simple means. Romeo and Juliet is history's most famous play and the strongest love story we know. The play problematizes how stupid and unnecessary war is, when love, understanding and friendship are actually always a possibility.

On stage, Steinar Thorsen and Jorunn Lullau are in all roles. They use very simple means and a few props to bring the story of the Capulet and Montague families to life. Along the way, the audience becomes participants in the narrative. Romeo and Juliet was a commissioned piece from the Bergen Festival in spring 2018. DIRECTOR: LARS ÅKERLUND

performance with Lars Åkerlund

We have invited Lars Åkerlund, the director of Romeo and Juliet, to perform one of his own interactive performances during the anniversary weekend: The wolf in the pit.

Romeo and Juliet has now played 273 performances, thanks to Lars Åkerlund's playful and whimsical direction!!!!

The Wolf in the Pit is a humorous and thought-provoking performance about the hungry wolf, the helpful goat and the cunning hare, played out with the simplest of tools by Lars Åkerlung/Teater Allena from Sweden. Through body language, gestures and facial expressions, he gets the audience involved as co-players in the telling of this fable.


The anniversary party will be a celebration with food and drink, party and fun, but primarily artistic features in the form of extracts from various of K:13's performances, as well as small contributions/greetings/gifts from partners.

Ten years ago, Jorunn Lullau, Jan Holden and Steinar Thorsen started Kompani 13. Ten years and 15 productions later, the name is K:13 Scenekunst and now consists of Jorunn Lullau and Steinar Thorsen.10 years is perhaps not such a long time to celebrate?! Why create an anniversary? Yes, because we, Jorunn and Steinar, feel that theater and performing arts have become, and are, an increasingly important element in today's society.K:13 / Kompani 13 has always had a stated aim to create socially topical and partly "political theatre" and to emphasize thematic as much as conceptuality.

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