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K:13 / Kompani13 10 years - celebration 17. - 19. nov. 2023

K:13-Scenekunst (formerly Kompani 13) is celebrating its 10th anniversary as an independent performing arts ensemble in Bergen in autumn 2023, and in connection with this is planning a celebration where we both celebrate ourselves and our contacts, but also look ahead and continues our work for new and exciting performing arts.

We want to mark ourselves as a prominent stage company in Bergen and also give something as a gift to our colleagues and our audience.

During the anniversary week, we will arrange courses in interactive theatre, and also show examples of performances with different approaches.

We want to show our performance "Romeo & Juliet" as well as Teater Allena's "Vargen i gropen" (Lars Åkerlund, Sweden).


K:13-Scenekunst wants to make a mark that puts the focus on everything we have made and completed over 10 years, but also try to stimulate new expressions by showing some of the research material we have accumulated.

The anniversary party will be a celebration with food and drink, party and fun, but primarily artistic features in the form of extracts from various of K:13's performances, as well as small contributions/greetings/gifts from collaboration partners.


Course in interactive theatre. Friday, Saturday, Sunday at 10.00-16.00 (17.00)

The performance The Wolf in the Pit. Friday at 10.00 and Saturday at 17.00

The performance Romeo and Juliet. Friday at 19.00, Sunday at 19.00

The festive evening in the Kongesalen Cornerteateret, with guests. Saturday 28.10 at 18.00

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