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----is in Sadik Aziz Bawan / Mirror Images Theatre's wrapping a cultural study in the relationship between the Arab and Western cultures, especially in the relationship between women and men. Culturally conditioned traditions create alienation and conflicts that extend beyond the individual's own preferences - and produce consequences that neither the protagonists themselves nor their surroundings could predict. Theatre group, headed by Sadik Aziz Bawan, has for 20 years worked professionally with performing arts in Bergen. The aim of Sadik Aziz Bawan's work is to shed light on the prejudices, reactions and phenomena that arise when Islamic/Arab culture and religion meet Western/Norwegian culture, with particular emphasis on views on women and the relationship between man and woman. Sadik Aziz Bawan is a trained theatre director from the Art College in Sulaimanie, Iraq, with ethnic origins as an Islamic Kurd and had to flee due to persecution and imprisonment due to his system-critical theatrical performances! He has staged a number of plays in Bergen, all with themes that relate to these difficult cultural and religious themes. the production "The Homes of the Shattered Dolls" on DNS. Sadik Aziz Bawan represents an important voice in multicultural Bergen and in the meeting points between Norwegian secularism and Islamic fundamentalism.


Gard Frostad Knudstad

Veronika Flotve Røssland

Margareth Hosøy

Produced by: Steinar Thorsen and Jorunn Lullau

Starring on film: Steinar Thorsen and Jorunn Lullau

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