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Romeo and Juliet - 300 performances!!!

Since the premiere during the Bergen International Festival (FIB) in 2018, we have now played 300 performances.

"Romeo and Juliet is a performance that engages the audience with simple means. Romeo and Juliet is history's most famous play and the strongest love story we know. The play problematizes how stupid and unnecessary war is, when love, understanding and friendship are actually always a possibility.  


Steinar Thorsen and Jorunn Lullau are on stage in all roles. They use very simple means and a few props to bring the story of the Capulet and Montague families to life. Along the way, the audience becomes participants in the narrative. Romeo and Juliet was a commissioned work from the Bergen Festival in spring 2018."

The performance has been on tour for DKS; Bergen, Troms and Finnmark, Svalbard, Nordland and Listaleypurin Faroe Islands. We have played at Bergen Fringe Festival in 2018, Dive into the theater theater festival in Kaunas, Lithuania and Reykjavik Fringe Festival in 2019. We have played at Nordens Hus in Thorshavn Faroe Islands, in 2021, in Riga, Latvia 2022, , The Festival "The Magic of The Wind in Sliven, Bulgaria 2023.

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