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ASSITEJ FESTIVAL KRISTIANSAND - 12. – 16. september 2023

Performance for delegates
13. september 18:00 and 20:30

INAF 2023 - What Matters Most

Again we are gathering the enormous crew that created this production: "Tower of Babel: Planet Earth/Game over/Reset”

Combining four European theatre companies' experiences, the "Tower of Babel: Planet Earth/Game over/Reset” is a groundbreaking work of interactive art. The performance has included a young audience (age 13-16) both in the preliminary face, in the production, and in the performance.

This is a story of the past, the present, and the future. What may come and what may happen. Will the human race once more be able to gather around a common project? Or are we forever doomed to live and fight amongst each other?

The action takes place sometime in the future, after the climate collapse. Humans live like animals in small tribes, scattered across the earth. 32 participants are admitted through four different entrances and become part of each tribe. Together with the actors they embark on an interactive journey, moving through the set as if they were inside a video game. The participants take active part in the action and have to make real choices along the way. They decide how the performance develops and how it ends. Eventually the tribes meet. Are they able to make a choice together?

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