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Romeo and Juliet is a performance that engages the audience with simple interactive tools!

Romeo and Juliet are the most famous play in history and the strongest love story we know. Many view Romeo and Juliet as purely a love store, but it is about so much more, like consequences of conflict and hate.


This version of the story is created with young people aged 13-19 in mind, who are in fact as old as Romeo and Juliet were. However, this show engages audiences of all ages. The aim of the project is that the topics in the performance can lead to further discussion, reflection and knowledge about these moral-philosophical questions.


We want to show Shakespeare's poetics and his magic use of words, the magical interplay between tragedy and comedy and point out that his dramas are of a quality that are timeless. His general descriptions of human relationships are modern and relevant to this day.


When Shakespeare's plays also have philosophical, historical and political frames of reference that people of today can identify with, which is so evident in Romeo and Juliet - it should be almost a duty, that it should be shown also to young people.


The actors use very simple methods and a few props to bring the story of Capulet and the Montague families to life. Along the way, they engage the audience in simple and elegant ways, so that they become participants in the story.


Contributing Cast:

Concept development: Jorunn Lullau and Steinar Thorsen

Script development: Jorunn Lullau, Steinar Thorsen, Lasse Åkerlund

Director: Lasse Åkerlund

Actors: Jorunn Lullau and Steinar Thorsen

Producer: Hjørdis Steinsvik, SyvMil

Age: 13-+
Duration: 60 minutes


The Cultural Schoolbag in Bergen, Troms, Nordland and Troms and Finnmark. Norway Fringe festival 2018. Dive into the Theatre, Kanuas National Drama Theatre 2019. Reykjavik Fringe Festival 2019.

School tour in the Faroe Islands in 2021.



The performance won the Bergen Fringe Award 2018- «Fringe Spirit Award» and «Nordic Fringe Network Award» during the Reykjavik Fringe festival in 2019. It also won the audience price in Kaunas” Dive into the theatere” 2019.


Produced In collaboration with the Bergen International Festival FIB

Supported by: Bergen Municipality,, Fund for Sound and Vision.

"invites students into the lives of young lovers"

Periscope, 19.6.2018, Judith Dybendal
"Love and embarrassment in the classroom"
Bergens Tidende, 9.6.2018, Charlotte Myrbråten
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