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Romeo and Juliet is a show that engages the audience with simple tools !

A magical forest without words, only music and the characters that fascinate!

The Magical Forrest is a further development of Kompani13's performance from 2016, The Tree, which was produced to the Bergen International Festival. We meet some of the same characters as in The Tree, and life and development continue in The Magic Forest.


In this performance, we also want to explore form and content based on the cognitive boundaries defined for children at this age. We emphasize the use of light, simple shapes, simple movement and clear colors. We use figures such as animals, birds and insects that are accompanied by a specially composed soundscape. We emphasize elements of recognition and confirmation, at the same time as the performance will offer variation and change in tempo and rhythm. The course of action is subordinate, the composition of the action must be absurd and surprising.


The performance ends with an interactive part where the children are invited into the scenography and get to try out the characters in collaboration with the actors.


Contributing Cast:

Concept development: Kompani13

On stage: Jorunn Lullau, Jan Holden, Robin Jacobsen

Directed by Steinar Thorsen

Scenography and puppets: Jan Holden

Music composition: Tarjei Vatne

Recording and production: Tarjei Vatne and Leslie Egerer

Producer: Hjørdis Steinsvik

Photo, film and documentation: Jannecke Strønen

Age: 0-6 years
Duration: 330 minutes + interaction

IIn collaboration with Den Nationale Scene (The National Theatre – Bergen) 2017

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