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Musical puppet-performance for the very young, about life in a tree.

What is in a tree? What happens in a tree during a day? Birds, insects, larvae, buds and leaves - and maybe more than we can see?


The tree stands so still in the clear air, but behind the leaves it is buzzing with movement. A day in the tree is like a circus about life itself in all its forms. Here is birth, life and death – humor and seriousness, there is animosity and reconciliation, hope and disappointment - it is the course of life.


The performance is without words, but with a music made by composer Tarjei Vatne. Figures, colors, shapes and sequences are made to create wonder, and the performance creates a warm, safe and inspiring arena for the very young when they are to experience performing arts for the first time.

poster tree 2016.jpg

Contributing Cast: 

Directed by Steinar Thorsen

Actors: Jorunn Lullau and Jan Holden

Musician on stage and composer: Tarjei Vatne

Set design: Jan Holden

Costumes: Marte Synnevåg

Manus: Kompani 13

Photo: Janneche Strønen

Producer: Hjørdis Steinsvik / Syv mil

Age: 0-6 years

Duration: 30 minutes

Produced in collaboration with:

The Bergen International Festival 2017

Not touring anymore.

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