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A father and a daughter are immigrants in Norway. They have been living in an asylum reception center for 7 years and are waiting to be told whether they will be granted residence in Norway or not.

One day in her boredom, the little girl finds a book and starts flipping through it. It is the Norwegian Constitution of 1814. She becomes curious and goes with her father out into the community to find out more about this constitution, which she believes can be their salvation and good protector – and hope to be allowed to stay in Norway.


The Constitution of Norway is the very cornerstone of our democratic society and is the most important support and protection for society's democratic framework, human rights and consequently the individual's freedom and also duties. The constitution is - and should be like a potato. A potato can be served with all other food – it fits all and was always served as a help in times of crisis. Like the potato, the constitution could be used in decisions of everything that does not find its solution anywhere else. Like the potato, the constitution has also saved us when the need has been greatest! Sometimes the potato plague strikes and the potato rots. Can this also apply to the Constitution? Could it be that the Constitution for 200 years has provided grief, suffering and exclusion of individuals and social groups instead of the help it promised?


Today, the law says that all people are regarded as individuals, regardless of social, ethnic and religious background. Of course, the same principles should also apply in the meeting with the national minorities. At the same time, it is important to be aware that for many years a policy was pursued that resulted in major abuses against national minorities, and that the education system and the school were part of this.

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Contributing Cast:

Puppetiers and actors: Jan Holden, Jorunn Lullau, Steinar Thorsen

Girl: Lisa Aziz Bawan

Father: Sadik Aziz Bawan

Directing help: Tormod Løvold

Music and composition: Tarjei Vatne

Technology, video and image design: Mathias Grønsdal

Photos, film and editing: Marit Espeland

Drawings: Kari Halvorsen

Makeup puppets: Monica Solheim

Costume puppets: Elin Nordahl and Marte Synnevåg

Props: Elisabeth Helgeland

Puppets and scenography are made at The Puppet Theater Workshop

Age: 6-12+ years
Duration: 50 minutes
Supported by:
Fund for Performing Artists, Bergen Municipality in connection with the Constitution Anniversary 2014.

The Cultural Schoolbag, Wrap, Cornerteateret
Not touring anymore.
"Children's theater performance with a political focus"
Periscope, 22.10.2014, Charlotte Myrbråten
"Good puppet theater about important matters"
Bergensavisen, 26.2.2015, Ann Kristin Ødegård
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